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If you hate us we don’t care, however we do welcome you to tell us how much you hate us.

If you have something to say in regards to the level of hate you have for us just post a comment on this page.

Have Fun.


11 responses

6 08 2009

You all suck!

I hope every single one of you chokes on the next mutilated cadaver part you stuff in your disgusting mouths.

But I hope you have a video camera handy so you can video tape yourselves as as your face turns blue and your eyes bulge out of your head.

I wonder if your arteries will burst and blood will come pouring out of your noses.

Sounds pretty cool.

12 08 2009

Dreaming with a smile on my face of dead blue corpse-munchers named Connor

12 08 2009

I’m short on time at the moment, so let me just say:

WHAT THEY SAID!!!!… in spades.

12 08 2009

You know guys… you really are naive of the world around you or your own mortality.

I personally have choked on a carrot, and you know what? – it’s a very creepy calm feeling you get not knowing if you or someone will be able to free it from your throat. Fortunately, there are people who are compassionate toward humans no matter their beliefs and did help out (even though I was able to get it out by myself – they helped out as far as recovering and makeing sure I didn’t have any after effects).

It’s easier to preach either side until you actually deal with the DEATH WISHES you guys like to tout on us.

There are things I like about animal welfare; however, I disagree with your ideas on veganism because simply put – even doing it PROPERLY, I had health issues.

Seriously guys – grow up.

12 08 2009

I was dead; I’ve seen death; I’ve watch people die…

it makes me warm & fuzzy!

12 08 2009

Seriously Camille, I pray for you. I’ve seen death at it’s most crude form – animal and human.

And, you know, if you were dead and survived by being resuscitated (possibly by someone who eats meat, something you deplore), you should have a better understanding and appreciation for the life you have – at least as far as human life.

Seriously, comments like yours concern me more than what you call others. Puts you almost at the same level as those you detest slaughtering animals for food.

12 08 2009
dolly dagger

whole lotta’ nothing there.

i guess that commonsense is quite an abstraction for most of you here. as is compassion. and self-respect. responsibility.

the mind boggles..

12 08 2009

Wow – I’m actually surprised JAY that you think that my post is the ONLY one here.

Well that or you think Camille and Dave are full of shit.

(Oh, and please by all means use VeeJayBlox again – Connor’s already outted you and even before that, I knew it was you based on your wording. Seriously dude, you failed trolling 101 – you read EXACTLY THE SAME as both people).

12 09 2009
Elmer Fudd

lol, they just mad cuz they cant enjoy the taste of delicious, delicious beef.

9 11 2011

Peta Sucks

Camille Marino is a dumb-arse that takes dog cock wet and sloppy up the pooper (if the dog is still alive)

8 12 2012
Liberation Peoples Front

On the evening of Saturday at approximately 23:00 we the Liberation Peoples Front took control of the Negotiation is Over domain word press site closing this site down. We will not hesitate in closing this site down again should we see the site replaced.

Ms Marino you was warned to remove content of your site that you failed to do. You wish to take us on then you shall take us on then you take the silent armies of the Liberation Peoples Movement.

Now negotiation is over. Everything you do and say is being watched Marino and all information from Karen Kline along with log in details, chat, and more is being fed back to us which we are then feeding back to the authorities.

All encrypted files we have located and are now reading, you pushed your luck to far NIO and now you pay the price, for attacking one of our dear Liberationists.

You made a mistake NIO and that was to fall for anything that people will tell you. That mistake we have been waiting to move on and that was your full details and web log in address.

Karen Kline as you wish to act on behalf of Marino then we will come for you next should we see you attacking good activists because you wish to gain some moral advantage over people for your own fame.

The Animal Liberation Front you have also betrayed – No you are no animal savior but a hypocritical psychopath that engages children to do your dirty filthy work.

Negotiation is Over

L.P.F – Fighting for rights is best fought silently.

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