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15 09 2009

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Babble, another vegan like Dave and Camille.

7 09 2009

 Babble or should I say Ward (his first name), has to one of the most annoying vegans who I’ve talked with.


Babble/Ward knows how to annoy and anger people much better then Camille or Dave Warwak, this is largely impart due to the fact he still has a trace of sanity in him, not much, just a bit.


Ward created the forum “Babble Forum” (How lame of a name is that?), where vegans like him could go and talk. About 4 months after he opened it the PeTA forums shut down and his blog largely became the new PeTA/vegan forums.


Ward will deny this until he’s blue in the face, but what he won’t tell people is that in the days before the PeTA forums closed various links were posted to his forums, therefore alerting the members of the PeTA forums that another set of forums was available.


Once the PeTA forums closed, he denied this ever happened and closed registration to almost everyone, keeping the small group of people he had and had gotten.


I tried to join his forums multiple times and he failed to let me be a member, which I have no problems with, since I was mostly just seeing if I could get on them after he restricted everything.


Once he had done all the him and his members then decided they hated “PeTA” and would not associate with the group they were once part of.


I’ve had E-mail conversations with Ward and he’s almost as bad as Dave and Camille. I really think he wants to be like them , I have no doubts his goal is to get to the same place Dave and Camille are at.


Ward is just one of the many vegans who think he’s helping the animals in someway, but as we know, he’s only kidding himself.


We think there is still some hope for him, but we may be wrong.

Camille, Dave Warwak, AR-CF and more proof.

7 09 2009

Late last week Camille Marino’s blog Negotiation is over (a blatant copy of Negotiation is Done) was hacked, with much of the more recent content deleted. While we can’t say we didn’t expect this to happen sometime who did it was a shocker, Dave Warwak.


Dave and Camille have been arguing with meat eaters and posting idiotic things on the blogs they own; But it happened, Dave decided Camille was just to crazy for him to associate anymore.


Does this mean I can have a shred of respect for Mr. Warwak? No really because he’s still playing the same old games and tricks, but for just a moment he did something amazing.


Once the hacking was over and Camille had made sense of it all, things started changing at Negotiation is Over, and these changes were not exactly subtle.


The most obvious one is the first thing you see on the front page, Camille’s website is no longer Negotiation is Over: Go vegan or Die, instead it’s simply Negotiation is Over. This also applies to all of here logos and images that included “Go Vegan or Die”, she changed them all.


Next is Camille’s changing motives, instead of ranting online (her only activity) she’s started a group in her area called “Animal Liberation – Central Florida”.


Will this group succeed? Not likely, That is unless she can find or make people like here in Central Florida. And even if it get going they won’t have much effect.


And on Sept. 5, 2009 Camille proved once again that she should have her website taken down by posting an article on direct action both legal and illegal. Read it here:

Flight, The only response from a ARA

30 08 2009

Any of us who have attempted to have a logical debate with real facts know that ARA’s can’t and won’t; Or at least none we’ve ever talked to or met.


When presented with a logical facts based debate ARA’s tend to run and hide, they know they can’t and won’t win the debate and moreover know they’ll look like a fool in the end, therefore they avoid this.


We’ve seen this time and time again on Negotiation is Done and websites like Peta-sucks, however the question remains, Why?


ARA’s from early on are fed incorrect, biased information which is often also un-sourced; They’re on a moral high ground unable to see past the rhetoric they speak.


When presented with genuine information from the other side of what they believe, they resort to running and hiding, name calling, etc. anything to avoid debating or something similar.


The fact is ARA’s have been programmed not to debate, plain and simple.


The war that wasn’t and won’t ever be.

24 08 2009

We hear a lot about “war” from radical vegans are ARAs, mostly only the worst of them like Camille, Dave and groups like the “ALF”. The fact that people claim to have a “war” going on with omnivores is humorous at best.

If vegans want a war I say bring it, if they think that they could actually take to fighting with us and win they’re so, so wrong.

The idea of war to these people is burning cars and buildings, but given the opportunity I doubt any of them would harm another human.

The claim is made by them that to be “peaceful” they must first be violent, something many, many people have said through history, a statement never gaining truth.

Lets look at it this way, most of the 6.5 Billion people in the world eat some type of meat, vegans are a minority, those ready for “war” are even less.

Lets also look at it from the point of view omnivores could defend themselves, vegans could not. Unless you need guns to hunt tofu, vegans have no use for such things.

Want a War? Bring it on.

Radical ARA’s and Blood Lust

19 08 2009

It’s apparent now. The force that drives you all has come into clear focus. I have watched and waited for it and now there it is. You are all blood thirsty. You vegans all have at some point in your lives danced next to the edge of the sadistic lust for killing. There is a tiny thread of humanity in you and when you could SEE yourselves for a moment, you ran your self loathing psyche as far away from your shadow selves as fast as you could.

David Warwak, on discussing rationalizing his past as a fishing guide:

And you may argue, “but I doubt that fishing satisfied any kind of sadistic bloodlust.”
In a way, it did. I didn’t realize it at the time. My warped mindset at the time, thought: the more the fish stuggled to stay alive, the better the fight, the better/healthier the meat was/tasted. I was so far removed from reality, I would fillet fish still alive. I am still ashamed. Anyways … my point is, I didn’t realize at the time, I was doing anything wrong because that is how I was raised. This just illustrates how important it is that we reach the children now as they are being fooled as we speak.

Camille Marino, on the topic of Warwak’s fish killing:

Actually, I’ve never fileted a fish in my life. I did murder one several years ago — took a live fish and fed it to an egret named Wimpy. But Wimpy was spoiled by human interference. He impaled the fish repeatedly but left it there to die; wouldn’t eat it. So I threw it back in the water and watched it struggle to try to right itself and swim while it left a trail of blood flopping around in the water.

Camille, on the topic of her Mother:

I starved my mother to death. she was weak and dehydrated and her brain was starting to go… and all she wanted was a chicken corpse to gnaw on.

mommy died!

Warwak, on mother and milk and blood:

I remember vividly how absolutely I hated milk as a child and I did not like meat. I had a natural aversion to it. I was forced to eat it and drink milk to a point where I felt like I had to trow up. When I could and mother did not look, I pored the milk down the drain, so did my brother. I also hated butter it made me gag and interestingly I also deplored eggs. Because I was forced to eat that stuff I eventually got used to some of it, I guess it’s called acquired taste.

I NEVER was able to drink milk, the ghastly smell of cows milk, that I had to get, directly from the “Bauer” never left my nostrils.

I remember when I was a child thinking many times that I could not wait to grow up, so I would not have to eat all that stinky stuff like kidneys, and liver and brains and meat and blood sausage and milk. I hated it with a passion.


bathe in renderings — eat cadavers and slurp secretions — Fat fucking selfish corpse-munchers — soulless corpse-munching mother fuckers — secretion-slurping flesh-eaters — putrified corpse parts, avian menstruations and secretions


Greedy mother-fucking corpse-munchers — schools are feeding children murdered diseased animals and their cancerous nasties — One corpse-munching nation under god, indigestible, with death and misery for all — Americans to feed their offspring blood, misery and death

Such disturbing and vivid imagery. Most “humans” don’t visualize like this. This is a reflection of your souls. The more you have tried to stuff the monster inside you into a tight container, the more distorted and twisted it has become. Instead of you owning it, in your fear and loathing, it has owned you. You have become what you most feared. Sadistic Hannibal Lectors.

Written by MsInformed of Peta-sucks, used with permission. Original Post can be found at “Radical ARA’s and Blood Lust

Owners Note: This post has stayed in it’s original form content wise, however has been edited to correspond with WordPress formatting.

Camille, Serious or a good troll?

19 08 2009

Is Camille Marino serious about what she writes or is she one of the best trolls in history? We say she’s both.


She as most know writes the blog Negotiation is Over (a blatant copy of Negotiation is Done), about her life as a extremist vegan and radical ARA. In the blog she talks about her opinions, why meat eaters should die, how the ALF are “freedom fighters” and how to exploit children for the AR cause.


Her blog started in April 4th of this year (thats the date we can find), and since she has grown into one of the typical radical vegans and ARAs, regularly spewing illogical rhetoric and advancing her “cause” nowhere.


When she’s not on the internet complaining about how horrible it all is and how people and the world suck, she’s spends time at play ground handing out leaflets and telling children of the alleged “evil”. We’re not sure if she has a job and we don’t care since she likely believes working with omnivores is to low for her.


When she’s online she can be found peaching the gospel of the ALF, trolling forums like Peta-sucks, posting at the ALF forums and blogging, trolling here; Sometimes you can even find her trying to ruin or make peoples lives worse like Trent Looes, and support of agriculture, who from what we read is not that bad of a person.


We don’t know is she believes all the regular rhetoric she spews, but we’re hoping that she doesn’t and is the worlds greatest troll, because if she really believes it all she’s highly ignorant and egotistical.


So Camille, are you the world greatest troll? Or the most ignorant and egotistical person we know?