About Us

Negotiation is Done was started as a counter blog to one owned by Camille Marino, Negotiation is Over. Therefore Negotiation is Done, is more or less a parody of Camille’s blog.


NID is run from Atlantic Canada, a very nice calm quite places with fishing, logging, and farming as the main economy (IE. somewhere you don’t find many vegans).


The blog is run by a total of one person, with various others contributing.


The main author is Connor (last name not given out), an average person who created a blog to share his thoughts and ideas of what he believes in.


8 responses

12 08 2009

“About Corpse-munching Connor” is a blank page … how fitting for an empty blank black-hearted soul

12 09 2009

Oh look Warwak, the page now has content!

12 08 2009

I think this describes Connor perfectly… A blank gaping void.

12 08 2009

It’s not a “gaping” void, it does say “Coming Soon.” I simply have not had the time to write anything for this page.

As soon as I get some free time I’ll put somthing on this page.

12 08 2009

Don’t worry Connor – the black void they’re talking about is the black hole of logic that they have in their minds. It traps all things that they see as negative yet doesn’t allow rational through to escape.

(You know – you guys really need to figure out something new – it’s becoming an episode of “The Young Ones” – and that’s not a compliment. At least those actors had talent and were more believable).

Seriously Warwak and Steve – grow up. Connor at least respects your posts enough to let (most) things go through – you guys sure wouldn’t.

12 08 2009

But what more can you expect from psycho freaks who wish death on anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda?

Davey boy and camel face should be in a freaking prison for the criminally insane. And I would imagine that if they keep going like they are, they will end up there. Veejayblox, he’s just a little toadie, parroting what the others say. I would bet he’s probably a 12 year old.

7 09 2009

Meat is good. Meat tastes good.
If God didn’t want us to eat animals He wouldn’t have made them taste so damn good. When given the choice between bland tofu and awesomely good lamb I chose the animal. I’m sure the animal is pleased to have provided me with much joy and nourishment. mmmm

14 09 2009

Why dont we just eat vegans? theyre easy to rear considering how they only eat dead vegetable matter ( unlike animals which require procesed grain)

It’ll sort out 2 problems at once

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