Camille, Dave Warwak, AR-CF and more proof.

7 09 2009

Late last week Camille Marino’s blog Negotiation is over (a blatant copy of Negotiation is Done) was hacked, with much of the more recent content deleted. While we can’t say we didn’t expect this to happen sometime who did it was a shocker, Dave Warwak.


Dave and Camille have been arguing with meat eaters and posting idiotic things on the blogs they own; But it happened, Dave decided Camille was just to crazy for him to associate anymore.


Does this mean I can have a shred of respect for Mr. Warwak? No really because he’s still playing the same old games and tricks, but for just a moment he did something amazing.


Once the hacking was over and Camille had made sense of it all, things started changing at Negotiation is Over, and these changes were not exactly subtle.


The most obvious one is the first thing you see on the front page, Camille’s website is no longer Negotiation is Over: Go vegan or Die, instead it’s simply Negotiation is Over. This also applies to all of here logos and images that included “Go Vegan or Die”, she changed them all.


Next is Camille’s changing motives, instead of ranting online (her only activity) she’s started a group in her area called “Animal Liberation – Central Florida”.


Will this group succeed? Not likely, That is unless she can find or make people like here in Central Florida. And even if it get going they won’t have much effect.


And on Sept. 5, 2009 Camille proved once again that she should have her website taken down by posting an article on direct action both legal and illegal. Read it here:




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7 09 2009

Given enough time, Camille will just hang herself.


“Barry Clausen, a critic of the Animal Rights movement and author of
the book Burning Rage [ISBN 097000379X], has studied the animal rights
movement for 12 years”…

“Clausen does not pull any punches when it comes to his opinion of the
animal rights activists. “I have not come across one of these people
who I did not consider to be mentally ill,” Clausen said.”

7 09 2009

Glad her site got hacked.

7 09 2009

I hope she chokes on a corn cob. Shes a horrible person that attacks people who don’t deserve it.

Glad her shitty website got hacked.

8 09 2009

TM, as much as I dislike Camille and David’s rantings and not being able to spell my name properly (they use too many letters), I wouldn’t wish them death because it puts one at their level. Plus, we’re all humans here. 😉

7 09 2009

I wonder if Camille has to work hard on being crazy?

8 09 2009
Call Jacking: Phreaking the BT Home Hub | Intro to Voip Systems

[…] Camille, Dave Warwak, AR-CF and more proof. « Negotiation is Done … […]

8 09 2009
Camille, Dave Warwak, AR-CF and more proof. « Negotiation is Done … « Negotiation

[…] View o­r­ig­in­al po­st­ her­e: Ca­m­i­l­l­e­, Da­ve­ Wa­rwa­k, A­R-CF a&#173… […]

8 09 2009

Your site is based on cruelty, how sick is that. You have dark hearts and dead souls, just like your families, children included, I’m sure. Mother Earth will never survive unless monsters such as yourselves become extinct….The sooner the better…

8 09 2009

Welcome to my blog, Judith.

I’m glad you posted such insightful material for us to read today.

My blog is not based on “cruelty”, it is based on opinions, facts and logic.

I’m not dark or dead, I simply have different ideas then you.

Hope you enjoy the blog, come again:)

9 09 2009

Facts, Logic? Where? Opinions certainly, but but based on specious reasoning

9 09 2009

Yet if I were to ask the same of someone on Camille’s blog, I’d be ridiculed, right?

9 09 2009

Most likley. You are a joke after all.

9 09 2009

So are you Steve… but we allow you on this board.

I may not be perfect (and BTW – news flash – neither are you), but think about it pal – since I did my research in regard to Warwak’s firing, he has hardly been on board. This goes double after informing people about what is – sure ain’t some big hot shot printing company – and that he has yet to give me a link or location to where I could view the transcript of his firing. That’s because in truth, the actual discussion was done in closed record, and the firing itself was in the public due to open meetings act.

You have an opinion and you’re entitled to it; however, if you want to dare throw down something that can be debated, you can be sure I will find the facts and post them up here.

But, that’s why you only name call and try to insult people – you’re a troll that’s all talk but no action.

9 09 2009

Steve… I’m starting to wonder if you’re VeeJay, Camille or Warwak posting as a wannabe… or Babble, which would make just as much sense.

(And if none of the above, yes, I do apologize to you… you’re now just a part of their unhappy club).

What I think you and Judith don’t get is that your diet is just as cruel – animals die in the harvesting of your vegetarian food. Animals die in order for us to live and yes, even vice versa. That is the circle of life… the problem is that people such as the two of you do not understand that, and want to break that circle, which is just as bad as what you decry omnivores for doing.

(And Judith – seriously honey, read PETA”s site a little bit closer: Have you ever really read a story where there’s been a major success in helping animals have more rights? – No, you read more stories of half-witted stunts that actually harm both theirs and ARA’s causes).

Oh, one more thing Both Judith and Steve – I have yet to find a cenetarian (that’s someone who is over 100 years) who was a strict vegetarian. That’s because those people knew to eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise.

Just some food for thought.

12 09 2009
Elmer Fudd

Anyone who tries to take my pets is going to have the pain train run them over.

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